Monday, May 23, 2011

"Stop Asking So Many Questions!"

As a mother of 2 little girls, 9 & 11, I find myself answering many questions about so many things. “What? When? Why? How?” It can be exhausting. I’ll plan out a day, a week or an occasion, such as a trip or vacation and give them a general idea of what it is and then it will happen....all the questions. They want all the details up front. I just want to say to them.. “stop asking so many questions, you don’t need to know everything!”

Sometimes, I will give them the details. But more often than not, I don’t. I may want to surprise them or maybe I want them to just trust me with the details. Sometimes I simply need to omit the details because they wouldn’t understand them and an explanation is tiresome and unnecessary.

We all probably did this as children, because that’s what kids do, right? We were just innocently curious and we thought we needed to know everything. But it didn’t stop at childhood. We still do it as adults. Just recently my wonderful husband, Aaron shared with me some information about a simple decision he made and I started asking him a bunch of questions. He didn’t like the interrogation and expressed how my questions made a statement of distrust. I didn’t think it did, I just thought I was being “innocently curious”. But it sunk in. Why did I need more information? I trust my husband so much, but that wasn’t the message I was sending him. I held my tongue and began to process this in my own head. Then, it hit me and I got it. God spoke to me in that ever-so-gentle & quiet, Fatherly way. “My child, stop asking so many questions, you don’t need to know everything”.

That was a moment of deep personal inventory. All too often, I want to know the “why’s, when’s or how’s” in the details of my life’s circumstances, whether simple or complex, painful or exciting. But my heavenly Father already has His plan for me and maybe He omits some of the details, because He knows I won’t understand them and He just wants me to trust Him. He sees what I can’t. He puts the pieces together with the finished picture in mind and all I can see are the individual pieces and they don’t make any sense all by themselves.

The “need to know” is a “need for control”. Do I want control of my life or do I want God to have control? Sometimes He will reveal to us some of the details. But more often than not, He doesn’t. And just like I want my children to trust me, even more so God wants me, His daughter, to trust Him. If I’m asking too many questions, then I’m not trusting, am I?

So, “stop asking so many questions, you don’t need to know everything!”

Job 38:4 And God said “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”